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Using a few very simple strategies, you can stimulate the market and pull people who aren’t shopping for a car today into the market and into your store right now. This is how you can Double Leads, Double Traffic and Double Sales in as little as 30 days. 

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Get insights and information about generating more leads, traffic and sales at your store. 

The Traffic Scale Report is an analysis of your traffic to see how it compares to other dealerships around the country.

Come to our Gravitational Marketing Lab and we'll help you create a plan to double leads, traffic and sales.

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Rich Dealers® is the most exclusive club in the car business for success-minded dealers who are looking to grow and give back.
A Powerful, Natural Way To Attract More Customers Who Pay More, Refer More & Return More Frequently
Gravitational Marketing®:
Watch customers flock to you, begging for you to help them buy a car. When you transform your store from the traditional, vehicle and price retailer mentality, to a "Soultion Provider,” customer and solution centric approach, selling becomes natural and easy, traffic goes up, profit goes up and so does your enjoyment of the business. This is the power of the Gravitational Marketing approach.
So, stop wasting your time, energy and ad dollars every month on ineffecitve Same Is Lame® marketing. Use our scientifically proven, traffic-driving, ready-to-go, Gravitational creative strategies and campaigns each month to drive double the traffic to your store every day. Our goal is to help make your business and life more ESP—Enjoyable, Simple & Prosperous®.


Called “The Penn & Teller of Automotive Marketing,” Jim & Travis have been helping auto dealers differentiate themselves, attract customers and increase sales for over a decade. In 2004 they created Rich Dealers®.
Collectively, their campaigns have resulted in the sale of well over 2 million vehicles. Every month they create record shattering automotive promotions and bring together some of the brightest and most successful dealers, authors, entrepreneurs and business people to participate in fun and insanely profitable think-tank, mastermind experiences.


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